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Climate in Allahabad


Climate in Allahabad

Allahabad has a humid subtropical climate and has three seasons hot dry summer, cool dry winter and warm humid monsoon. The climate varies from extreme hot to extreme cold.


Allahabad Seasons







Mar to Jun

17 deg C to 42 deg C

Not fit for tourist activities


July to Sep

24 deg C to 34 deg C

Heavy and intermittent rainfall


Dec to Feb

9 deg C to 27 deg C

Pleasant winters with severe fog


Best Time To Visit Allahabad – November to March



Allahabad Climate in Summer Season


The summer season starts in March and ends in June. In the early summer the climate is hot during days and pleasant during nights. Heat is tolerable in March and goes very high in the next couple of months. The atmosphere is not suited for outdoor travels or tourist activities. May is the hottest month and gets the maximum exposure of sunlight. The total sunshine hours per year are 2961.



Allahabad Climate in Winter Season


The climate in winter season is pleasant and suitable for tourists’ activities. However winters are dry and the temperature decreases near to freezing point sometimes. The maximum temperature in winter is 22 degree Celsius and the minimum is 9 degree Celsius. In the month of January, there will be severe fog screening the sight and obstructing transport. So there will be travel delays most of the time. But there is no snow in Allahabad.


Jaipur Climate in Monsoon Season


The rainy season in Allahabad starts in Mid June and lasts till Mid October. The total annual rainfall is 1018 mm. August is the wettest month with 308 mm rainfall. Hailstorms are quite common here especially during the month of August. The Bay of Bengal branch of the southwest summer monsoon or the Arabian Sea branch brings rainfall.


Last Updated: 31/08/2012

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