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Aligarh Travel Guide


Aligarh Travel Guide

The city of Aligarh is located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is at a distance of 90 miles from Delhi and is also well known for the presence of Aligarh Muslim University. This is a place of many eminent personalities in the country like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and several other intellectuals who have been associated with different fields of human endeavor. Presently this is a bustling city that is also noted for some of its indigenous shipping destinations.


There are several products that will interest you immensely and are also unique to this city. There is a very active industry of brassware that is present here. And this is also of great popularity among tourists. Though there are several places in India where you can acquire brassware products of different kinds this is one of those places where you will have a wide selection of designs and price range.


Among the places of interest that you can visit in this city there is the impressive Aligarh Fort. This was built around 1524 by the then ruler of Delhi, Ibrahim Lodhi and was built with technical and engineering help from French engineers. It still stands today in the city of Aligarh. Then there is another place of the Dor Fortress that was built in 1524. You can still see the ruins of the fort that was once an impressive structure. You can also see the Sir Syed Masjid at the campus of the Aligarh Muslim University.


There are also a few important temples located in Aligarh. One of these is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and another to Lord Shiva among a few others. You will also be able to visit a few churches that are in this city like Church of Ascension, Methodist Church and Christ Church.


There are several ways that you can choose to travel to Aligarh. The nearest airport is Delhi International Airport that will be able to provide regular domestic and international flights.  Aligarh has its own railway station that is well connected with Delhi and has many trains passing through it.


Aligarh has got a wide range of roadways that are frequently used by travelers of the neighboring regions and especially from Delhi. This is also a place that has the famous road built by Sher Shah Suri which is also the longest in the country.


At Aligarh there is a wide range of hotels that are available for all accommodation requirements. You will find luxury hotels with high standards of facilities and amenities. There are also budget hotels that will be inexpensive and still be able to provide quality standards of hygiene and facilities.

Last Updated: 04/09/2012

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