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Name : sreevani
Country : India
State : Karnataka
City : Ballary
Sex : female
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Pranavi - The Singing Celebrity

Miss. Pranavi the famous singer started her singing as a student of Mr Ramachari of "Little Mus..

Updated On: July 22, 2015
No Helmet- Then Purchase It - ACP Richa Agni Hothra

A helmet saves a life. We have come across many rules from the government saying about compulso..

Updated On: July 23, 2015
Plumbago Flower

Flowers are something which brings lot of changes in our mood. When someone wants to change the..

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A School Which Support Female Students

In this modern world we still see many children who do not study and we also see many students ..

Updated On: July 23, 2015
Three Hours With Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

She is just 15 years old, she has achieved "Young Achiever Award" from Indian Embassy, she is t..

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Diagnosing Pregnancy

Aside from that most remarkable of diagnostic tools, a woman's intuition, modern medical sci..

Updated On: June 01, 2013
Pregnancy- If A Problem Is Found

In the vast majority of cases, prenatal diagnosis yields the results that parents hope for- ..

Updated On: June 06, 2013
Milk Free Mom

If you really don't like milk, don't worry. It's not milk your baby needs, its calcium. Sinc..

Updated On: June 06, 2013
Following Is Important Than Saying

It is each and everyone's responsibility to follow the principles of God and work for the so..

Updated On: June 08, 2013
Ethical Life Is Important

Taking bath twice a day, eating only fruits and milk. Visiting holy places, taking holy bath..

Updated On: June 08, 2013
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