Ethical Life Is Important


Taking bath twice a day, eating only fruits and milk. Visiting holy places, taking holy bath in holy rivers. Donating to poor. By doing all these our sins will be washed out, this is the feeling of some people. They be very happy feeling that by doing all these all their sins are washed out.

When Gouthama Buddha was in Shravasthi, there was a person by name Sangaraka. He was very much worried about his physical neatness. Not caring about day or night, he used to wash his body several times from top to toe and toe to top. He used to argue that physical neatness makes a man spiritual and perfect. One day a friend of sangaraka Anand has come to God Gouthama Buddha and prayed “please have mercy on Sangaraka, and please correct him and guide him”. Next day God Gouthama Buddha took a begging pot and went to Sangaraka’s house for begging. Sangaraka took Him inside and made him to sit on a Asana. And the conversation was

God Gouthama Buddha: Sangaraka, I heard that you are taking bath several times for a day, is it true

Sangaraka : Yes

God Gouthama Buddha: Can you please tell what the use of doing like this is.

Sangaraka : My dear master, the sin done by me at night will be washed out by morning bath and the sins done if any in the day will be washed out by my evening bath.


This answer was very surprising to God Gouthama Buddha.

Then God Gouthama Buddha said “Sangaraka leading a Ehtical life is like a pure and holy water. There is no place for any impurity. Taking bath day and night makes your body pure and clean but not your ethical life”


The words of God Gouthama Buddha touched him. His purified words changed him. He fell on God Gouthama Buddha feet and cried out. Then he understood who exactly is ethical life means and what all should be done to gain this ethical life.


Its not how neat we are but it all depends on how pure is our heart. Keeping hearted and jealousy in heart and being neat is of no use and this will not reach to God.

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