Meditation And Its Usefulness


Meditation is the process is used for keeping our mind in silent mode. Lots of disturbances affects from outside. Lots of thoughts are creating every minute. A thought which is created in mind may be good or bad. We should control our thoughts. If you want to practice meditation 3 factors are very essential. That is time, practice and patience. In 24 hours time in a day we can spend only 30 minutes that is enough.


All are searching for the internal peace or internal happiness. But several people fail to find the internal peace or internal happiness. We get the internal peace only by meditation. Yoga is also helpful to keep our mind silent. Most time we spent for looking the happiness in outside. But we can’t get the happiness and internal peace from outside.


Kundalini yoga or kundalini meditation thought by our saints are very useful. In our body we have several points there to keep our mind. Some of the points are aginai, thuriyam, thuriyadeetham, shanthi, mullatharam and etc. What is the purpose of life we can find by meditation. We can find the truth of our life through meditation.


Benefits of meditation

We can improve our personality by meditation. Confidence level will increase. Meditation improves our level of confidence. It is used to rectify our own errors and self realization. Several diseases can be controlled by meditation and yoga. Physical exercises can improve good blood circulation.


Meditation is used for removing our imprints. Imprints in our mind are from our own mistakes and hereditary factors. If we practice meditation our immunity power will Increase. Meditation is the better practice for removing our stress and for controlling stress. Meditation is used for reducing our anger.


Meditation maintaining our youthfulness. Two types of imprints to be cured, one is from our karma – Wrong doings, another from  - hereditary imprints. Practice meditation regularly it is very good for health and wealth. Human beings always in emotional mood. We can change our mood in silent mode by practicing meditation. Breathing practice also very useful for us. Introspection also useful for removing our imprints.

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