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India Complaints: Law and Civil Rights
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  elava On 01 May, 2014
second marriage
D.jayakumar velukudi,thiruvarur. already married my friend elavarasi in 2007.without her permission he secondly married g.maaheshwari and see got job ..
Railway rules violations
  bala_1111 On 27 Oct, 2011
Crossing tracks
Inspite of subway we are able to see many public are crossing the railway tracks by violating the railway rules which is causing accidents and fatal t..
Speed Limits
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Need to control speed
Transport authority should regulate the speed limits in the tambaram bypass road as the heavy vehicles are driving rashly and its night mare for 2 whe..
Smoking in Public Places
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Public smokers
Public smoking is banned and punishable but we are able to see daily that many violate this rule and they do in bus stops and in other road sides...
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Street Vendors
On the pammal main road stretch already the road is not widen to add to this many small vendors have encroached for their benefit which is troubling t..
Encroachment by vendors
  sunkum On 27 Oct, 2011
Shops occupying pedestrians path
The encroachment has become common on the roads which is night mare for the real pedestrians. They never bother the problems of the public. The encroa..
Traffic conjection
  sunkum On 27 Oct, 2011
Heavy block on roads
The biggest problem we are facing is traffic jam. There are several factors involved in this like over speeding, encroachment, no pedestrian path, swi..
Fishing Messages
  irfan_s On 27 Oct, 2011
Unwanted messages
Am getting message from unknown people that i have won huge amount in lottery. I know this is bogus message but how they are getting my number. Its no..
Traffic violations
  boss On 27 Oct, 2011
Not following traffic rules
In thiru vk nagar daily we can see that many riders are not following the traffic rules. Traffic jumps are becoming common and the pedestrians are wor..