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Sewerage Block
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Need regulations
In the entrance of the shanmugam road during rainy seasons its very difficult to walk as there will be water logging. This is due to improper sewerage..
Real Estate
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Agents hike the rates
In the suburbs the real estate agency and agents hike the rate and are selling with out any proper reasons. The rates are almost double in comparing w..
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
The frequency between tambaram and chengalpet should be increased. In the peak hours the public are suffering due to huge rush daily on weekdays..
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Lamp Post
Organisation should ensure that the line man visit and note the conditions of the lamp post and eb post. As its obvious to the physical eyes that man ..
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Getting Unwanted Mails
Every day one can expect atleast one mail in their box for work at home, part time job or interview calls. Those spammers ask for money to send the in..
Public Disturbance
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Vendors occupying the road
The root cause of problem in shanmugam road is encroachment by street vendors. The occupy 50% of the road and causing problems to the public. Need at..
Piles of Garbage
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Need regulations
Municipal authorities should ensure that some one should go on rounds every day to ensure the cleaning staff remove the garbages daily instead once in..
Speed Limits
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Need to control speed
Transport authority should regulate the speed limits in the tambaram bypass road as the heavy vehicles are driving rashly and its night mare for 2 whe..
  dev_p On 27 Oct, 2011
Traffic Regulations
Traffic in Shanmugam road is pathetic. Certainly required some strict rule to clear the rush. That too during festival season one cant expect to go by..