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Sewerage Line
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Need sewerage connection
Sewerage connection has to given to all houses. Need to impose rules for strict and all house owners should apply to avoid water logging during rainy ..
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Frequent Electricity Failure
In pammal area there are frequent power cuts which need attention of the authorities...
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Removal of garbage
shankar nagar and other surrounding areas residents will be happy if garbage removed daily to avoid infections and other diseases ..
Smoking in Public Places
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Public smokers
Public smoking is banned and punishable but we are able to see daily that many violate this rule and they do in bus stops and in other road sides...
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Street Vendors
On the pammal main road stretch already the road is not widen to add to this many small vendors have encroached for their benefit which is troubling t..
Bus Service
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Increase number of bus
Frequency of white board bus has to be increased during peak hours as we are not able to afford for express and other services...
Road Extention
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Huge traffic
Pammal main road is a narrow stretch and certainly the road has to be widened or need to plan for fly over. ..
Water Service
  chitti On 27 Oct, 2011
Lack of Service
Palar water is not coming daily. It comes only once in a week and some times once in 10 days. Also it comes any time meaning it also comes at 2 am and..