Yadgir District

Population: 1,172,985 (2011)

State: Karnataka

Language: Kannada

Headquarters: Yadgir


Date of formation: Yadgir District was carved out of Gulbarga District on 10th April 2010.  

Area: 5225 square kilometers

Density of population: 224 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 52.36 % - Male: 63.33 %, Female: 41.31 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:984


Boundaries of Yadgir District


North: Gulbarga District, Karnataka

South: Raichur District, Karnataka

East: Andhra Pradesh

West: Bijapur District, Karnataka


Yadgir District Average Rainfall: 636 mm

Yadgir District Average Temperature in Summer: 45 deg C

Yadgir District Average Temperature in Winter: 22 deg C





Major Rivers: River Krishna, River Bhima

Taluks: Shahpur, Surpur, Yadgir

Assembly Constituencies: Shahpur, Shorapur, Yadgir, Gurmitkal


Yadgir District Nearby Attractions


1. Shorapur Fort


Yadgir District Facts: This is the second smallest district in Karnataka. The railway station in Yadgir is one of the largest in the region.


Major Agricultural Products: Jowar, red gram, sunflower, groundnut


Major Industrial Products: Sugar, fuel, uranium


Major Educational Institutions: Yadgir Polytechnic, Chiranjeevi Methodist Composite PU College, Sri Chennareddy Patil PU College, Mahatma Gandhi High School and PU Science College


What is Yadgir District Famous For: Rich uranium deposits


Yadgir District Pin Codes

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Places in Yadgir District