Kurung Kumey District

Population: 89717 (2011)

State: Arunachal Pradesh

Language: Hindi, Local Dialect

Headquarters: Koloriang


Date of formation: On 1st April 2001, Kurung Kumey District was carved out of Lower Subansiri District.

Area: 6040 square kilometers

Density of population: 15 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 50.67 % - Male: 57.28 %, Female: 34.08 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:1029


Boundaries of Kurung Kumey District


North: China

South: Upper Subansiri District, Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh

East: Papum Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh

West: East Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh


Kurung Kumey District Climate: The temperature is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. In winter the temperature drops to 5 to 7 degrees. The district is covered by clouds most of the time and there is constant flow of wind. It receives very high rainfall.





Major Rivers: River Kurung, River Kumey

Sub Divisions: Kolariang, Nyapin

Circles: Koloriang, Sarli, Damin, Parsiparlo, Nyapin, Phassang, Sangram, Palin, Chambang, Tali, Pipisorang

Assembly Constituencies: Palin, Nyapin, Tali, Koloriang


Kurung Kumey District Nearby Attractions


1. Parsi Parlo

2. Sangra

3. Palin

4. Deed

5. Talo


Kurung Kumey District Facts: The two major rivers Kurung and Kumey flow through this region and thus it got its name. Hiya Village is the largest village of the district.


Major Agricultural Products: Paddy, wheat, maize, millet, pulses, large cardamom, black pepper


Major Horticulture Products: Apple, walnut, kiwi, citrus, pineapple, banana


People: Tribal people namely Nyishin tribe, Apatani, Galo, Tagin, Puroik


Religion: Doni Polo


Dances: Rikam Pada, Buya


Festivals: Solung festival, Nyokum Yullo


Ornaments: Tassand, Rurh, Lakte


Kurung Kumey Pin Codes

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Places in Kurung Kumey District