Longding District

Population: 51022 (2011)

State: Arunachal Pradesh

Language: Wancho

Headquarters: Longding


Date of formation: According to the report submitted by high power committee on 11th August 2011, the Longding District was created on 26th September 2011 by passing the Arunachal Pradesh Bill 2011 by voice vote. The official inauguration was on 19th March 2012. It was carved out of Tirap District.


Boundaries of Longding District


North: Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh

South and West: Nagaland

East: Myanmar





Sub Divisions: Longding, Kanubari, Pongchau, Wakka, Pumao, Lawnu

Villages: Longphong, Nianu, Niausa, Senua, Senua Noksa, Zedua, Nginu, Wakka, Mintong, Chanu, Longchan, Chubam

Pin Code: 786631


People: Wancho tribe is the majority people. Others are Nocte, Naga and Konyak

Religion: Animism and the deities are Rang and Baurang and Christianity

Festivals: Oriah celebrated in March and April


Longding District Facts: Longding District is inhabited by Wancho tribal people. These people are experts in gun making, bead making and wood carving. They have their rich legacy of songs and dances. Their war dance is popular. They are indulged in Jhum cultivation.


Longding region of Tirap District is economically backward with large number of school dropouts and lack of healthcare facilities. So the Wancho people wanted a separate district for them that will help them in their development. Their long cherished dream was fulfilled by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.


Longding Pin Codes

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Places in Longding District