Utpal Kumar Basu

Utpal Kumar Basu

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  • Name:
  • Utpal Kumar Basu
  • Born:
  • August 3, 1939

Utpal Kumar Basu Biography

Utpal Kumar Basu is a popular Bengali writer who wrote stories and poems. He is a poet from the 1950s generation (post Tagore) whose works were appreciated since the birth of a Bengali postmodern consciousness. His poetic language is often described as "mashed", while a few critics believe it to be "nomadic". His exclusive travels, particularly in Europe as a part of his job, have influenced his writings a lot. His travel poems titled "Puri Series", published in the sixties, is one among his best published works. Basu is described as a trend setter in modern Bengali Poetry.


He was born in 1939 in Kolkata of British Bengal. Utpal Kumar Basu spent his school days in Baharampur and Dinhata. He was a geologist by profession and as a part of it he travelled extensively. Those travels deeply influenced his writings as well. His literal journey started in Kolkata in the 1950s and since his early works, he got recognition as a postmodern poet.  His meticulous approach towards the nature, materials and life made his works distinct look as well as a scientific approach, often regarded as modern. He was later recognized as a bench marker writer whom young writers followed.


Chaitrye rochito kobita – published in 1956 was his first collection of poetry, followed by Puri Series (1964) and Abar Puri Series (1978). His new diction gave him the popular name, Famous Travel Poetry Of Utpal. He was also associated with Hungry generation literary movement in the early 1960s after resigning his job. Khandobaichitrer Din, Narokhadok, Dhusar Atagach, Salma Jorir Kaaj and Sukh Duhkher sathi are among his noted works.

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