Radheshyam Sharma

Radheshyam Sharma

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  • Name:
  • Radheshyam Sharma
  • Born:
  • January 5, 1936

Radheshyam Sharma Biography

Radheshyam Sharma is a noted writer, best known for his contributions towards Gujarati literature. He excelled as a novelist, short story writer, critic and compiler, and is known for his experimental works in the language. His novels such as Fero (1968) and Swapnatirtha (1979) can be categorized as his experimental novels, which were well received by readers. Kumar Suvarna Chandrak (2012),    Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak (2004) and Dhanji Kanji Gandhi Suvarna Chandrak (1995) are the major honours received by him for his literary career.


Radheshyam Sitaram Sharma was born on 5 January 1936 in Vavol, Gandhinagar, present day Gujarat. Sitaram and Chanchal Bahen were his parents. Rupal in north Gujarat is his ancestral village. His father was a priest, and for the same reason he was influenced by religious practices and readings a lot, right from childhood. In 1957 he took Bachelor of Arts degree in Gujarati and Psychology. Though he pursued Master’s degree, he couldn’t sit for final exams because of Writer's cramp. He was a religious storyteller who became a public speaker and delivered sermons for nearly two decades since 1965.


Sharma married Sharda Vyas in 1952, and settled with his family in Ahmedabad. He has three sons. As a writer he began with short stories, and this story teller’s first published story was "Badsoorat”. He chose several unfamiliar and experimental subjects for telling stories. Aansu Ane Chandarnu was his first collection of poems published in 1969. Negatives of Eternity is his collection of English poems.  His Gujarati poetry collections include - Sanchetna, Nishkaran, Sanpreshan and Akashni Uddayan Lipi. Vaachana, Gujarati Navalkatha, Vivechan No Vidhi, Kavitani Kala, Ullekh, Akshar, Aalokna, Shabda Samaksha etc are Sharma's critical works.

Published: January 10, 2019

Updated: January 10, 2019


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