Girish Chandra Sen

Girish Chandra Sen

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  • Name:
  • Girish Chandra Sen
  • Father:
  • Madhabram Sen

Girish Chandra Sen Biography

Girish Chandra Sen is known for the complete translation of the Quran into Bengali language in 1886. It was the first translation of this holy book. Sen was a Brahmo Samaj missionary from Bengal who lived in the 19th century. He also translated Raja Rammohun Roy’s Tuhfat-ul-Muwahhidin into Bengali and published it in Dharmatattwa. It was a book in Persian on Islam. Ramkrishna Paramhamser Ukti O Jiboni and Atmajibon (1906) are his other notable works. He has published 42 works. He was the editor and publisher of the monthly Mahila and has been associated with the publication of Sulava Samachar and Bangabandhu. As a Brahmo missionary, he has done many speeches in East Bengal and Western India.


Girish Chandra Sen was born in the year 1835 as the Sson of Madhabram Sen of Panchdona in Dhaka of present Bangladesh. He learnt Persian and Sanskrit in early life. He started working as a copywriter in the court of the deputy magistrate in Mymensingh. He was deeply influenced by Keshub Chunder Sen and Bijay Krishna Goswami and joined as the missionary of Brahmo Samaj in 1871. When Keshub Chunder Sen chose four missionaries from their members to learn 4 old religions of the world, Girish was assigned to study Islam. He was a firm believer in the basic unity of all religions and became fully dedicated to the study of Islam. He went to Lucknow to study Arabic and the Islamic religious texts and spent 5 years in his research and studies.


Later he returned to Kolkata and engaged in translation of Islamic scriptures. It took 6 long years of efforts to completely translate Quran to Bengali (1881-1886). He has also translated Persian religious books such as the teachings of Golestan and Bostan, Hadis and the life of Prophet Muhammad, Khalifas and 96 pious souls.

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