Women Have To Fight For Their Cause

Women have to act now


Women are themselves responsible for their own condition as most women try to suppress women who try to act brave or face situation. You can see this is mostly women who criticize and demoralize women from taking bold decisions.


They want them to stay confined with in four walls of house feeling they are safe in there. Very few women encourage women to come forward and face world on equal terms.  Women of our country were better of in old times where they fought on equal terms but today they find jobs, which are in non-combat positions. The Indian army has women officers in medical and nursing services. More services could be offered to women in due course. 


If women are fighting for an equal status in every other field then what is small risk of being captured by enemy. After all what have they to loose?If they are afraid of their so-called chastity then they should stay away from army where they already are at the risk of same results. It is no excuse for keeping them from field duties. 


We hear so many cases of rapes and atrocities against women these days but no one seems to take these incidents seriously. They think that these are just another case of few goons went head loose while committing this heinous crime. That is it, they do not think beyond this to stop further incidents of such kinds.  


What I feel this is duty of women of themselves to come forward and fight with such criminals with better preparation.  They should not think that some one from another planet would come to save them from evil-minded people but they have to take fitting steps to teach such people a lesson that would keep them away from such crimes. 


Unless they will come up for their cause with total determination and promise to themselves that, they will not sit back waiting for another incident to happen. I am not suggesting that they should law in their own hands but they certainly can do a lot collectively. I am sure they shall find a way to get rid of the particular social evil that has gone a little too far. 

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