Almost all the Indian women wear Indian bangles and these bangles are worn on the hands of the girl as soon as she is born. These bangles are of many types and they are called differently in different languages as churi, choodi, valaiyal, etc. In some Indian cultures even men also wear a type of bracelet around their hands and this is called as kada or kara. Ladies wear one big bangle on their wrists or dozens of thin bangles. These give a jingling sound when worn on the hand which is considered to be the auspicious sound in many Indian families.


The different types of bangles are glass bangles, wooden bangles, silver bangles, gold bangles, plastic bangles, pearl bangles, lac bangles, etc. Mostly the bangle type is denoted by the product used to make it. The gold bangles are very expensive as they are made of 22k gold. These bangles are given as dowry to the girls during their marriage along with other jewels. The pearl bangles have pearls studded on them. The stone bangles are the most beautiful among them all and these are made with stones of many colors though white color is widely preferred.


The lac bangles are made of clay and have the glittering pieces of stones and jumkas fixed over them. They are the reflections of the artistic skills of the creative Indian artisans. There are precious bangles and semi precious bangles depending upon the gemstones and metals used. Hyderabad bangles are very famous. There is a big bangle market in Hyderabad that sells the lac bangles and pearl bangles of various types. These bangles have appealing colors and are made with ethnic patterns. This enhances the aesthetic beauty of young Indian women.


The glass bangles are quite famous in South India. These bangles are worn in sets in both the hands during auspicious occasions. There is a bangle based baby shower ceremony conducted in many parts of India. In Tamil Nadu it is called as Valaikaappu. The lady who is bearing the child is the center figure of this ceremony and glass bangles are put on her arms from wrist to elbow as much as the hand can hold. Also the bangles are distributed to all the women present at the ceremony.


There is a connection between husband and bangles in Indian tradition. In many Indian cultures, the bangles are removed from the hands of the Indian woman when her husband dies and the widows are not allowed to wear bangles throughout their life. Though these superstitious beliefs are slowly disappearing in this modern era, still bangles have an important place in the religious rituals and ceremonies.


Young ladies prefer fashionable Indian bangles that match their outfit. To satisfy them, the bangles are made of stones, beads, terracotta, wood and even using conch. Each family follows the tradition of wearing a particular type of bangles during the wedding ceremony. In some families of South India, the bride should wear green color glass bangles of a special type. Thus the bangles have an integral part in the life and culture of Indian families.

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