The Indian dresses are the reflection of Indian culture. They can be divided into traditional dresses and modern dresses. The traditional Indian dresses are saris, cholis, kurti, pyjamas, salwars, chudithars, lungi and dhothis and pavadais. The modern dresses are based on the western culture and it could be said as the influence of the western culture in India. The beauty of Indian dresses lies in the way it is made and worn. There are some traditional designs and artistic patterns that are woven in these dresses. This makes them unique among their western counterparts.


The most common dress among girls is salwar. Usually the dresses of India cover most of the parts of the body and allow only minimum exposure. Salwar is one such type of dress that is accompanied with dupatta. Wearing dupatta is a custom followed to hide the shape of the body. Chudithar and salwar are easy and comfortable to wear and maintain. There are so many types of these dresses available and they are categorized based on the materials used to manufacture. The working women find salwars a decent type of dress to wear during their working hours.


The sari is the traditional dress that gives that rustic beauty to the Indian women. There is no other dress equivalent to sari in any place of the world. The sari is a single piece unstitched dress except for the stitching at the both edges. Usually the length of the sari will be four to nine meters. Wearing sari itself could be said as an art because you need good training if you want to wear it properly. The modern ladies think that it is not comfortable to wear saris. But if you are used to it, you will not find a more comfortable dress. They are the staple dresses especially in the Indian villages. The original beauty of the Indian women is well exposed and brought out in no other outfit than saris.


The cholis are two piece dress worn with dupatta. The designer cholis are preferred during wedding times. These wedding cholis are ornamented with beads, pearls and chamkis or sequins and they are very attractive making you a queen among others. While in North India cholis are worn during weddings, in South India, silk sari is the traditional wedding dress. Silk saris are quite expensive. There are two types of silk saris, natural silk saris and artificial silk saris. The silver jari or the silver thread is used in weaving the sari to create beautiful patterns.


There is nothing much to say about the Indian dresses meant for men. Usually men wear shirts and pants during their work hours and prefer the traditional dresses like dhotis, lungis and pyjamas at home. Men’s wedding dresses are either western suits resembling the western fashion or ornamental kurtas and sherwanis. The wedding sherwanis are artistically embroidered with a thin shawl or dupatta and wear them with matching turbans. This dress will be a perfect fit for the young Indian hero on the day of his wedding. The Indian dresses are the blend of various Indian cultures and they differ from state to state and region to region. But wherever they are the Indian dresses are artistic, beautiful and charming and are pleasant to the eyes.

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