The Kundan sets are the artificial jewelry manufactured exclusively in India. They are available at affordable prices in India and one can order them both in online stores and offline stores. They are made of artificial gemstones that are shining yet very cheap. These stones are called as Kundan stones and these Kundan stones are available in different colors and different shapes. You can buy them separately from the shops and stud them in the handmade jewelry pieces if you like. Most of the Kundan sets are made with the hands displaying the creativity of the designer. You have the pieces of these jewelries available in the shops. You have to buy them and join them together with the twine and make matching ear rings and rings for that. Only the sky is the limit for your creativity.


The Kundan sets are getting more and more famous because these stones are available in almost all the colors and shades like blue, yellow, green, red, violet, brown, black, and also in light shades. So, Indian girls like to wear them that will match their apparels. Since they are available at affordable costs you can buy as many sets as you want and wear different types of them at different occasions. The cost of the Kundan sets starts from Rs.200 or $5. If the design is artistic and complicated the price will increase. Some of the Kundan sets have original rubies and emeralds studded in them. In this case the price may go very much higher.


The Kundan sets could be said as the mark of Indian culture. The tradition and modernity of the Indian culture is blended together in these beautiful designs. There are many designer sets that everyone will love to possess. You can also make your orders according to your choices and preferences. If you specify the colors and shapes then the necklaces and ear rings will be made accordingly and shipped to you within few days.


Usually the Kundan necklaces are broad and hefty. They are worn close to the neck and the perfect Kundan set will make you a queen among others. The Kundan stones are fixed in different types of frames like golden color frame, silver frame and copper frame. They are also studded in black metal frame. These sparkling stones will attract anyone irrespective of its frame but still if they are contrasting each other the beauty and glamour of this jewelry will increase manifold.


You have different types of Kundan sets like bridal set, silver bangles, forming bangles, rings, and toe ring, tikka worn on your forehead, anklets, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and chains. These are delicately designed by the artisans and are finely crafted and polished. They have smooth edges and so they will not irritate you when worn. Most of the Kundan sets have pleasing color combinations that will make other ladies look at you enviously. These semi precious stones could be customized according to your preferences. You can buy the Kundan bangles and bracelets that will match the Kundan necklaces and earrings that you select. These pieces will complement each other and will offer you great look without costing you a fortune. They are available in stores that sell fancy items all over India. If you are a foreigner visiting India do not forget to grab one of these bewitching Kundan sets that will make you center of attraction in parties.

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