We Must Treat Them Equally


We need to behave properly

How we behave with our women depends on our upbringing, yes it is all about a man or woman is brought up and how much are they taught to behave. It has nothing to do with scantily dressed women or dressing in western clothes that makes no difference.

I can see there is no dress code here in most places in western world apart from the departmental stores and some utility services. People wear what they like according to their choice. Some of the dresses worn here or no even dresses worn at all, in public places like beaches, can send us Indians to dreamland perhaps but in these countries no one cares to give them a second glance. This is all about our upbringing that makes all the difference on our mindset.

Will you please excuse me if I say that we should cease to give extra importance to our male children who later become the cause of trouble in our society. The best remedy of the problem of making our male dominant society is to give the same importance to our female child. We should teach our boys to respect women from their childhood.

Most parents find it matter of feeling proudly hearing their boys have girl friends and they go out with them regularly. However, how many of us would feel the same way when we hear our girls went out with boys? None perhaps, now the simple question is- who would go your boy out with if a girl will not be there to go?  

Teach them to behave

Our men will never learn until we shall not teach them the right kind of lessons to behave. If we will not tell our children that bike is not for them until they attain the age of getting a driving license, they must not ride a motorbike unauthorized.  That is equal to committing a crime because driving a bike without a valid license is illegal.

Why boys are allowed to do what they like? Why do you feel upset if the situation is other way round? The way of thinking makes all the difference. You protect your boys from every angle but never miss a chance to reprimand your girls for doing the same.

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Suny says, we should teach the boys to behave properly. 

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