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Energy by traveling


Traveling is no doubt an energy creator for people who are not afraid of packing, moving and adventurous tours. A mere though of meeting new people, exploring new places, meeting new cultures, watching different places and making new friends is some thing that gives an entire new experience beyond description easily. I am one of them who have traveled over almost everywhere in our country and abroad.  For me mere thought of a trip gives me an exciting feeling.


Once the discussion for traveling begins, the planning begins too. One tries to adjust his dates according to time available, budget, places and consultation with people concerned. One thinks nothing but about his destination and planning until his programs take a final shape. The planning converts into booking and booking into packing. Once the dates arrive to move the energy level reaches to the top.

Traveling culture is spending


Actually, traveling is increasing by leap and bound and almost 10 billion tourists are going out every year for different destinations for spending their time purely for fun purpose. Now think of the traveling industry that is getting benefit out of so many travelers going to places by trains, airplanes, buses, taxis and ships etc a clear boom on traveling, transport and other hospitality services. In addition, to add to this all the energy level of people engaged in services along with travelers, think of more than 10 billion arrivals of tourists allover the world.

Respect for local people and culture


Now we come to another aspect of the traveling that would be necessary while more than 10 billion people shall be going to different places. It is not all about taking their bags and passport to different places but also to take into account of people at places where we intend to visit. We shall have to keep their culture, people and history in our mind. We shall also have to respect their way of life, which could differ from ours and to respect it is our prime responsibility.


We shall have to think on different aspects while going out spending our time joyfully but we shall only be happy if we shall keep local culture in our mind and respect for local ways of living.  

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