Swami Ramdev - Who Stand Against Corruption And Black Money

Swami Ramdev was born as Ram Krishna Yadav to Gulabo Devi and Ram Nivas Yadav in Mahendragarh district of Haryana. He gained popularity in India due to his teaching technique of pranayam and yoga. During the recent year, he has also become popular due to his activity against corruption and black money. Ram Prasad Bismil portraits inspired him. After completion of eighth standard, he joined the gurukul in Khanpur and studied Yoga under Acharya Pradumn. After receiving teaching from Acharya Baldevji, he entered in Sanyas and changed his name to Swami Ramdev.

Trust and Institution Run by Swami Ramdev 

He comes to light when he started the Divya Yoga Mandir trust with Acharya Bal Krishna. Aastha Television starts featuring the morning yoga from 2003. Within few years, he gathered enormous fellow. He makes Yoga popular not only in India but also in the whole world. Patanjali Yoga Peeth a registered trust inaugurated in 2006. The aim of this trust is to make India biggest centre of Yoga and Ayurveda. There are many medical and educational institutions that run by the Patanjali Yoga Peeth for improvement in Yoga against diseases. Some of these institutions include the Patanjali Ayurved College, Yog Gram, Organic culture farm, Food and Herbal park Ltd, Patanjali Chikitsalaya. There are many books related to Yoga and medicine published by the Divya Prakashan. These books published in 11 languages of India. Recently Yoga Peeth acquires a land in Scotland for setting up a wellness retreat.

Role in Indian Politics

As for politics is concerned, he already declared that he will not take part in political activity, but feel it is his duty to reform political and social ambiguities. He raised many issues in his yoga camp. Most of these are social, political and economic issues raised by him to demand change in policies of the government. Bharat Swabhiman is the movement that he initiated for changing the government policies. The main goals of this movement include the 100% nationalist thought, voting, unification of the nation people, boycott of the foreign companies and yoga oriented nation. He organise the yoga camp in India and across the world to create awareness among people against black money and corruption.

Views on Diseases and court verdict

Swami Ramdev claimed in 2006 that diseases like cancer and AIDS can be cured with yoga and ayurvedic drugs. He also gives the suggestion of replacing the sex education in school with yoga education. In addition to this, he always claims that other life harming diseases can be cured with the regular exercise of Yoga. In 2009, in reference of court verdict related to homosexuality, he said that this verdict will encourage the sick mentality and criminal activity. He told that instead of making law for these people, they should be sent in hospital for treatment.

Awards from various institutions

He is honoured with a doctorate by Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in January 2007, with a doctorate degree of science by Amity University, Noida in March 2010, with an honorary doctor degree of science by Dr. DY Patil Deemed University in April 2010.

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