Sari Blouse Is Most Beautiful For Indian Woman


Sari is most stylish

There is nothing more fashionable dress than a saree as far Indian women are concerned and a stylish matching blouse makes it more glamorous. Women try a variety of experiments to make them look more stylish as well enviable. Trends in blouse styles keep on changing with time but ‘statement blouse’ is in fashion these days, with low and attractive embroidered back. A word of caution here though- never keep you hair open or on the back but make a hairdo.

You must take care of certain points before going for a stylish blouse to give your personality a different look - 

A- Be careful if you have body marks visible on your back use concealer and body lotion to hide them and with light body makeup, you should be able to present yourself as attraction of the gathering. Body lotion helps your skin look glowing and makes big difference on your overall personality. Be careful to wear your blouse in the end when you have completed your makeup etc to avoid stains of makeup material or sweat.

B- If you are attending a night function, it is better to use glitter to give your personality an extra glamorous look. 

C- You should go for a design that matches with your body shape, going for a design, which does not suit your body structure, will look odd on you therefore it is better to not go for a particular design because it was in trend and looked good on others.

D- If your arms have extra fat, keep your blouse sleeves up to elbows or if you have extra fat on your stomach, a long blouse would be a better choice. Corset designed blouse should be the best choice for you.

E- You should select blouse neck carefully according to your body shape especially considering your chin and neck. If your neck is comparatively shorter or you have a double chin, avoid turtleneck, Chinese colors and roll neck designs as these would make your neck look even shorter. You would look better in V-shaped or scoop-necked blouses.

F-Be careful your slip should not show otherwise however beautiful you are or stylish your dress, you will make a laughing stock in a function.

G-You should keep your back and other body parts free of marks with use of easy homemade items to get rid of such marks, which will keep you free from hesitation if you think that such dresses are not for you.  

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