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If you are new to cooking and want to try the recipe for Indian food you will be confused with the wide variety of recipes found in cookbooks and online. This is mainly because one particular variety of food will have a number of recipes. For example the sambar is a common product but this is made in different ways with different ingredients and different types of vegetables are used. So there is no one correct recipe for Indian food and all of them are closely related to one another.


You may search as tiffin recipe for Indian food or nashtha recipe for Indian food. This will give you the breakfast items that are ideal to be eaten during the morning times. These items are usually easy to prepare. Idli is one of the food stuffs eaten regularly for breakfast. This is very easy to prepare because you make the batter or dough already in a semi liquid consistency and keep it in the refrigeration. Four parts of rice one part of urid dhal and a spoon of fenugreek is soaked for six hours and ground to a thick paste. You can store it in refrigerator for about ten days. Whenever you want to make idlis just mix the batter with a pinch of baking soda and dilute it a little and pour it over the idli pan in the idli racks. Pour water into the pan underneath the racks and steam cook for ten minutes. Your idli is ready. The puffiness and the softness of the idli is what that makes it great.


The recipe for Indian food also varies according to the climate. You can try different types of recipes depending upon the prevailing weather. If it is hot season then you can try recipes that use curd, buttermilk, coconut water, melon, etc. This is good for health and keeps you from getting dehydrated. In rainy season, hot and warm foods and snacks like bajji, bonda and vada are relished.


The great taste of most of the non-vegetarian recipe for Indian food lies in the sautéing. When you are making biriyani next time sauté the masala items like ginger garlic paste, onion and tomatoes one after the other well till they turn light brown in color and you will get tastier biriyani. Sautéing helps to remove the raw smell of the spices and gives them good aroma.


The recipe for Indian food is varied and diverse because each one of us are used to the taste of our mother’s cuisine. So we search for one like that and though there are thousands of recipe for Indian food we try one a dozen of them or so what we think will suit our taste buds.


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