Junk Foods Increases Appetite And Obesity

Scientists from London presented this finding at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in Boston. It was true that junk food actually made one eat more because it destroyed the ability of the brain to control appetite and actually promoted it. It was found that fatty foods actually lead to the inflammation of the hypothalamus that contain neurons controlling appetite and weight. The findings resulted from the experiments done on rats that were fed what is called a typical American high calorie diet. It was found that the calories consumed by the rats doubled in 3 days.

Another interesting fact that emerged from the findings was that this inflammation stopped just after a few days but recurred again after a month. A leading researcher at the University of Washington said that the healing process to the brain injury known as gliosis only indicated that the protective shield failed only over a period of time of eating junk foods. It is also yet to be seen if the injury to the neuron is temporary or permanent and if weight gain can be controlled with medications during the period of overeating to control obesity.

It is inevitable that this leads to obesity and the complications accompanying it. Obesity the curse of people that are inflicted with it could not be eliminated very easily. Eminent doctors are of the opinion that it is very difficult to get over obesity once it strikes anyone. Obesity is a vicious circle that first leads to loss of self-esteem and confidence. A person that loses confidence and is depressed tends to eat just for comfort. Comfort eating foods are generally those that contain a lot of calories and are also unhealthy.

Again comfort foods also contain junk foods that starts off the circle all over again. It is also true that a person that is not confident, lacks a self-esteem and is depressed would find it very difficult to reason out with regarding healthy eating to keep fit. In addition the obese and depressed tend to care less for themselves.

So on a strong note it is best for all of us to avoid or at least limit the consumption of junk foods if we wish to be healthy, fit, energetic and brisk.

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