All About The Uses And Health Benefits Of The Humble Banana Stem

The humble banana stem that forms an integral part of the cuisine in South India, is very popular for its fiber content. The thick stem of the banana plant is the favorite of health conscious people that would not miss the opportunity to savor it in various forms. The stem adds bulk to the food and is very beneficial for all those aiming at weight loss, for it is quite true that what more could obese persons ask for than bulk and rich fiber in their diet. In addition, the energy boosting quality of this humble vegetable helps in pumping in positive spirits that forms the basis of most successful weight loss programs.

The humble banana stem forming a part of the weekly menu in South Indian families is a true blessing as far as tackling of health disorders like constipation and detoxification of the human system goes. This is due to its diuretic effect in eliminating waste body fluids. It has been noticed that the juice or soup made of the banana stem works wonders in eliminating and treating kidney stones.

The cooling effect of the stem of the banana plant makes it best for use in tropical countries like India, no wonder Indians enjoy it in a variety of recipes. However preparation of the banana stem could be cumbersome and time consuming. The banana stem is cut into thin slices and the fibrous structures removed. Then it is cut into small pieces and put in water to which a few drops of buttermilk has been added to prevent discoloration.

The tender stem of the banana plant can be enjoyed as a salad with seasoning of mustard seeds, curry leaves, coriander leaves and green chilies. The juice of lemon (add to ones taste) could prove to be an easy healthy side dish to any meal. The stem if tender can also be added to curds and turned into raita.

A typical South Indian vegetable from the banana stem could be relished with seasoning of mustard seeds, broken black gram, and red or green chilies. Once the small pieces of the stem turn soft you could finish it off with lemon juice to taste of coconut scrapings according to taste and served as a side dish with rice and sambar or chappati.

People of South India are very fond of this humble stem being used in cooked curd preparations and in dal. If the stem is not tender, it can be cooked with salt in the pressure cooker with salt. You could then mix it with a paste of green chilies, ginger and curry leaves and curds. Adding a garnishing of spluttered mustard seeds makes for a delicious side dish with rice or chappatis. The humble stem can also be cooked with dal and salt and garnished with spluttered mustard seeds, green or red chilies, grated ginger and coriander leaves and served.

Last but most important the variety in which the stem of the banana plant is used depends on ones own creativity, so do start relishing the banana stem as the people in South India always do.

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