Reasons For Turning Vegetarian

My reason for embracing vegetarianism comes from experience that proved that this diet is rich in fiber and helps in detoxification of the body. With the ill-effects of pollution from the air we breathe in, water we drink and the food we eat, it is but necessary to detoxify our body with consumption of well washed and cooked vegetables. The case becomes stronger when we consider the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in growth of vegetables, fruits, and grains with residues found on them. Organic foods find their origin to this reason. It turns true considering a non-vegetarian diet being full of toxins, with the risk increasing with consumption of infected meat.  

With the present sedentary lifestyle that has embraced most of the younger generation, it is but natural that obesity, weight gain and high cholesterol have become the modern trend in society. The reason to embrace a vegetarian diet is strengthened by the fact that a vegetarian diet is low in calories, with eating a lot of fresh vegetables like greens and salads and fruits like banana, apples, grapes, and acai berry helping to add bulk to the food. This brings about weight loss and is preferable to a non-vegetarian diet that only promotes the consumption of fats and lesser fiber.

The reasons to embrace vegetarianism also lies in the love to be always energetic and brisk. Vegetarianism is all about consuming food that is easy to digest and light and that helps in maintenance of stable blood sugar throughout the day. We all definitely realize that a non-vegetarian diet is difficult and slower to digest and makes one feel sluggish and lethargic. Reaping the health benefits of vegetarianism also means gaining on the vitamin and minerals in fruits and vegetables for improved immunity power.

Wanting to contribute to avoiding the ill effects of global warming makes for a strong reason to embrace vegetarianism. First eating a non-vegetarian diet would mean losing of fauna, with the wastes from these farm animals contributing to carbon emissions. Being environment friendly involves diverting land used to rear animals just for meat to building carbon-absorbing forests in the form of green trees.

The strongest reason to embrace vegetarianism is that it is not just healthy, but also available in plenty, making for nutrition and health at a very economic rate. Diverting land used for animal rearing to food production would help greatly in bringing down food prices and level of poverty in the world.

Do you go with me about embracing a vegetarian diet? Here are the benefits once again- fiber, bulk, energetic, healthy, Eco-friendly, economical, plenty, and environment friendly.

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