If you are looking for the recipe for Indian dishes then you have come to the right place. Those who are new to kitchen might not know how to start cooking. If you are one such person the choice before you is to consult someone or read something or go online. The recipe for Indian dishes is categorized according to the items used. For example if you want to make some dish with eggs then you have search as egg recipes. Similarly another categorization is based on the region. People of Punjab may search as Punjabi dishes and people of Maharashtra as Marathi dishes.


The recipe for Indian dishes is also ordered based on the community. If you are Muslim you can search as Islamic dishes and if you are a Brahmin you can search as Brahmin dishes. Apart from all these categorizations, they are also divided into food types obtained when cooked and their usage. These include soups, starters, rice varieties, appetizers, breakfasts, main course, etc. If you are looking for some types of soups, then you may search as soups and you will get a variety of soups using various ingredients. You can pick the one you need.


The broad classification of recipe for Indian dishes are bread recipes, daal recipes, rice recipes, chicken recipes, fish recipes, mughlai recipes, rice recipes, breakfast recipes, Gujarati recipes, Rajasthani recipes, Punjabi recipes, South Indian recipes, snacks recipes, salad recipes, eggs recipes, cakes recipes, cookies recipes, pudding recipes, sweets recipes, dessert recipes, pickles recipes, chutney recipes, soups recipes, recipe powders, etc.


The recipe for Indian dishes is countless and in different places you may find different types of recipes for the same food item. This is quite common because each one of them modify the taste of the foods to suit their taste buds. If you know nothing about cooking then it is good to start with something easy. In this case you have to look at your mother or friends to know which would be easy to start with.


Before testing any of the recipes for Indian dishes you need to have some practical experience in cooking. The measurements of certain items like salt and oil will be given approximately. You have to change the measures according to the needs or else the output will be too salty or too oily. It is better to add little by little because you can add them if you need but you cannot take that away if it goes excess.


Different types of recipes for Indian dishes are cooked in different styles. The different styles of cooking like baking, steaming, frying, deep frying, boiling, etc. are used in Indian cooking. Only if they are cooked in that particular type mentioned you can get that taste. So make sure that you have all the accessories and utensils needed for that particular type of cooking before you select the recipe for Indian dishes to try. A little patience, a little guidance and a little creativity are just enough to make you a great cook.

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