Openness In Display Of Love


Open display of love

India where open love display, hugging or kissing ones partner is considered taboo is changing compared to other Asian countries. One can see couples displaying or indulging in such acts is common scenario especially in metros and other bigger cities more than ever before. Most people who thought it was part of British culture where couples would openly show their love for each other and would hug and kiss publicly but the fact is British girls have been left far behind and probably we are only doing slightly behind American couples.

In smaller towns of our country couples, especially girls feel it an embarrassing affair to display their love in public places and they take extra precaution in selecting places to indulge in activities like kissing or hugging. Public places make them feel awkward where the girls feel it difficult even to touch their partners’ hands however this is not so in big cities where girls do not mind such activities as much.

The trend of kiss in India

It is hard to find the roots of kissing publicly in our country but if we trust the studies conducted on the subject the first disruption of such an act goes back to Mahabharat era, which was almost three thousand years before. However the studies also show that most Asian countries are still not comfortable with public display of love in general and it has not spread yet in our rural or suburban sector barring stray incidents.

The bigger cities are different

Even if the rest of our country does not look upon public display of love especially openly kissing in public places but the trend in urban areas is changing fast. One can see couples in metros like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc are kissing openly without any hesitation openly to display their love for their partner. Moreover, the couples are trying to copy the act of films in real life. One of the reasons behind such openness in Indian couples could be the reason of girls having their say in matters like marriages as per their own choice. Girls’ decisions of selecting their own partners, respected therefore they feel more at ease while dealing with boys of their choices and therefore take the liberty of public display of love. Some of the couples, 5% to be exact do not consider premarital sex as taboo any more. 

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Suny thinks girls are feeling more liberal in displaying their love.

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