Kids Should Know How Important Money Is!


This is truth when the whole world is going through the financial crisis we must teach our kids the importance of money. It’s the fact that most of us spend more than we earn and in that case it’s not at all easy to survive and it will be more difficult for us in future if we don’t save money in our present as the condition may get worse in future.

This is better we teach our kids the importance of money as most of the time it becomes difficult to make them understand that money don’t grow on trees but its earned through hard work so all their demands are not necessary to be fulfilled.  It is important because most of the kids think ATM to be a money tree. We must make our kids understand the difference between the necessarily and luxury and it’s important to spend money on our necessarily it’s not necessary that we have to spend money always on the luxuries sometimes we need to live without them also.

Most of the kids ask to buy things what they see in the advertisement on TV so we must make them understand that all the things for which advertisement comes is not worth to buy sometimes we need to check the quality Vs price in actual before taking decision to buy them.

We must inculcate habit in our kids to save money. I remember we had a piggy bank when we kids and used to put coins in that from the pocket we used to get from our father.

Don’t always try to fulfill your kid’s demands sometimes there are demands which are not necessary to be fulfilled so don’t get emotional for the things your kid wants to have rather explain the reason why you are not buying that thing for him/her.

I think these all things will make him/her bit mature and your kid definitely will know how important money is and it’s important that we spend it for the necessary things only.

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