Is Today's World A Safe Place For Children?


Every minute sees the birth of a new idea to make the world more colorful. But within itself the world has a grey shade as dark as the evil that surrounds us. Homes today are the storehouses of many gadgets. They interfere in the safe upbringing of children. The television channels show a lot of violence, abusive language, scenes involving drinking and smoking, etc. these forms of entertainment sever the traditional values and make children mesmerized by modern technology.


The findings of a recent survey or primary teachers by ‘Save the Children’ has discovered that 70% of the teachers felt that the students are unable to interact with their peers due to the increased inclination towards videogames and mp3 players. Solitary pastimes have damaged children’s social skills and fuelled feelings of loneliness. The present family setup looks disturbing as well with the increasing number of nuclear families. In a record, the data reveals that 85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders, 63% suicides and 75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse came from damaged families which didn’t have a male father figure.


Another dangerous outcome is the addiction to alcohol, drugs and smoking. This is largely influenced by the media and the celebrities. A child’s mental health is of utmost importance. Troubled lifestyles, conflicts, inability to handle personal problems, academic failures and a wide gap between aspirations and capabilities can lead children to take extreme steps like committing suicides. Shockingly Bangalore is the present suicide capital of India. Child abuse is also another great nuisance we see around us today and this can cause a shocking impact on children. The environmental problems at hand put children’s lives at greater risk. The WHO has concluded that children are more susceptible to the pollutants. More than 3 million children under the age of 5 die annually of environmental factors.


Efforts have to be made to shape the world in a better way. Only better parenting and guidance can shape better individuals to live in a safe tomorrow. As the Dalai Lama believes kindness should be each man’s religion- only then will we see a decline in child abuse and child suicidal rates and the world will be a safer place for children to grow.

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