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Any sweet is sweet to taste but Indian sweets could be said as the sweetest of all because they are made colorful and garnished well and tempts anyone to eat. If you want to find the entire variety of Indian sweets you have to enter a good Indian sweet stall like Agarwal sweets or Bikaner Sweets. Sometimes your local Lala sweets may contain as much varieties that you would not have tasted yet. However there are some fundamental formulae for making all these sweets and many varieties are derived from them by changing their color, shapes and flavor though the ingredients are the same.


The Indian sweets can be categorized based on the region where they are made. Some of the sweets made in North India are Gulab Jamoon, Jilebi, Gulfi, Peda, Gajar Halva, Bal Mithai, Sohan Halwa, Motichoor Laddu, Malai Pan, Kalakand, Balushahi, Kheer, Malai Laddu, Lassi, etc. Some of the sweets prepared in East India are Rasagulla, Ledikeni, Mihidana, Sitabhog, Lyangcha, Jal Bhora, Kadapak, Abar Khabo, Chom Chom, Rabri, Sandesh, Rajbhog, Narkeler Naru, Raskadamba, Amriti, etc. Most of them are milk based items.


Some of the West Indian sweets are Shrikhand, Modak, Puran Poli, Basundi, Amrakhand, Kharwas, Chirote, Mahim Halwa, Rava Ladoo, Coconut Rice, Sweet Potato Halwa, Mohan Thaal, Gol Papadi, Ghari, Adadiyu, Dudhi Halwa, etc. The lip smacking South Indian sweets are Coconut Burfi, Poli, Mysore Pak, Badam Halwa, Jaangiri, Paniyaram, Paayasam, Kozhukattai, Unni Appam, Oppittu, Peniya, Ada, Neyyappam, Sukyan, Pazham Pori, Adhirasam, Gavvalu, Pooriyaan, Karjikai, Coconut Laddu, Badhushah, Chandrakala, Rava Laddoo, etc. There are some varieties that are common for all the places like Kheer, Barfi, Halva, Laddoo and Peda.


Sugar, jiggery and sometimes honey are used to get the sweetness of these Indian sweets. Diabetic sweets are also available in shops and made at home these days because the number of diabetic patients in India is rising at an alarming rate. These sweets make use of crystal fructose or saccharin or other glucose derivatives that are less in calories instead of sugar. But the sweets made with sugar substitutes would not give such original taste though they are harmless to health.


Indian sweets are usually referred as mithai. Apart from these standard Indian sweets varieties there are some other items relished by Indian people that are sweet in taste like ice creams and milkshakes. There are wide varieties of ice creams made and the important ones among them are vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, pista, mango, badam, strawberry and butterscotch ice creams. Milk shakes are also available in these common flavors made with cream and milk.


During festival times especially during Depavali, at least half a dozen varieties of sweets are made at Indian homes. With lots and lots of sweet stalls and busy life of people is changing this tradition slowly. Sweet melas are conducted in many places during festival times to attract people. One can view hundreds of varieties of sweets displayed in a single place. You are also allowed to taste a particular sweet before you buy it. Indeed Indian sweets are part of Indian culture.

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