Indian Culture And Our Traditions

The Indian traditions
When we think about Indian culture we think about our festivals at the same time as our festivals are the best way to express our traditions and ways of life. These old traditions in fact keep our relations strong and also keep us united with each other. But the bitter fact is all our festivals that helped keep our old traditions alive no more attract our newer generations but lost in the corporate culture, the attraction of western culture and the present mindset. 

We are responsible for the present situation
If our younger generation is no more interested in our festivals and traditions some of us ourselves are to be blamed for that as we are encouraging our children to follow western mannerism and not only that but we are making them feel as if following Indian culture will show them in poor light. There is a simple question from older generation that has witnessed our festivals a couple of decades before, how do they feel present day celebration of our traditional festivals? For instance, the way festival of Holi was celebrated from weeks before is now left to a mere formality or the festival of lights Diwali is nothing but a show of imported firecrackers.

Let’s accept the facts
We, the parents are solely responsible for the present state of children who do not know the value of traditions of our religion, festivals because we never tell them about our old traditions and then most of our public schools that kind of discourage students to follow Indian traditions giving them a feeling that following Indian culture will make them inferior. Most of our English medium schools encourage their students adapt western culture. No one feels that improvements and developments are not welcome but if these developments are at the cost of culture and traditions we should intervene and put a check.


Our younger generation is exploring itself toward the western culture at a brisk pace forgetting our traditions. We cannot pinpoint any particular reason behind such changes but we shall have to take the responsibility collectively for the same and will have to change our own mindset first. We shall have to change for the sake of our old values and traditions. Once we realize the truth, it will be easier for us to see the ground reality and bring our children back to understand our traditional values.      

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