How To Wake Up Early And Easily


To enable you to wake up in time in the morning, you might have set the alarm for you to wake up. Still you may continue to lie in your cosy bed telling yourself a few excuses or try to hit back that sleep button. In case you agree with this then it means you are troubling yourself. But you can get back to this in a split second or so.

There are a handful of habits that you need to form if at all you want to be an early riser. Getting up early in the day gives us more time to plan and prepare everything to function and become productive. If you are more productive, it can lead you to a wealthier and healthier life. As you know, healthy life is something which many people look for all their lives.

I learned to become an early riser while on a visit to Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore, TamilNadu. People who participate in programs at isha wake up very early on a daily basis. When the chanting of ‘OM’ starts, it reverberates in the cool morning air and we automatically get up. When I returned from my visit to Coimbatore, my time of sleeping also remained the same for some time.

Once you practice you will find that it is very easy to wake up soon. Having said the above the first step to become an early riser lies in selecting a time that you want to wake up every day which means not to give out any excuses. You have to wake up at that particular time every day of the week irrespective of whether it is shining or raining.

The subsequent step may be hard if you are habituated to hit the snooze button in the morning and that is waking up without delay as soon as the alarm begins to go off. This requires some discipline on your part.  Lying in bed with reasons to sleep for some more minutes will not lead you anywhere. You have to remove the blankets and get out of bed immediately. 

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