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Ganga Clean Up Projects
Indian governments have been spending billions of Rupees for decades for cleaning projects of River Ganga but the fact is the water of river is getting more polluted and even dirtier by every passing day. Maybe people need to understand that the River Ganga is National River and not a public drainage system where everyone is free to divert their filth. This is also a fact that the current government has appointed a minister for the Ganga cleaning project and allocated various projects to different other ministries. But the bitter fact is no serious action has been taken so far by any of the concerned departments. If we go by the Supreme Court’s comments the government has no concrete schemes or any clear vision to carry out its plans.  

Projects on Ganga
We all are aware, we have hundreds of Hydro electrical projects running on Bhagirathi, Dhauliganga, Nandakini, Pindar, Mandakini, Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers before it comes down to plains and becomes Ganga (I have not mentioned Yamuna in this article). As the Union Government is planning to begin waterways in Ganga the chances are it will cause more pollution to already over polluted river which has reached to an almost no recovery stage. Our government should know the need of the hour is to keep additional projects but lessen the burden on river to keep it clean. The government should begin the projects of growing trees, Natural herbs etc o the banks of Ganga that will keep environment clean and lesser polluted.

Our priorities
To keep Ganga clean we shall have to fix our priorities without any further delay like we shall have to stop all natural and waste material consisting especially loose debris, drains from factories situated in the cities at the banks of river, sewerage from the cities and towns, cremation at the banks of river, besides thousands other methods which are polluting the river day in and day out without any hesitation or restriction by any government agency. We shall have to get rid of our mentality that makes us believe that Ganga can take and tolerate all kind of rubbish in its waters. We shall have to bring our sewage treatment plants in order immediately and all trash should be utilized to generate electricity in place of going to water of Ganga.   

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