Foods To Be Taken To Avoid Bad Breath


Bad breath is due to bacteria on your tongue and other parts of your mouth. This cause people dislike you. There are some home remedies to get rid of this bad breath.


Mint leaves:

These are the best natural remedies easily available to every one with low cost. Chewing mint leaves gives pleasant smell. Mint leaves contains chlorophyll with absorbs bad breath and gives you fresh breath.


Gargling with salt water:

Gargling with salt water will clear bacteria in your mouth which is formed on food particles. Take one spoon of salt mix with hot warm water until salt dissolves in water and then gargle with it.


Brushing with Baking soda:

Brushing with baking soda also gives good result.


Eating apples:

These are called as natural brush. Apples eliminate bacteria from mouth which causes bad breath.


Citric Acid:

Taking foods which contain more citric acid also eliminates bacterial from mouth. Citric acid is mostly present in lemons, oranges and carrots.


Drink Plenty of water:

Bacteria is caused if your mouth is dry. To avoid bad breath you must not get dehydrated if you are hydrated with sufficient water toxins are released from body which is the cause for bad breath.


Chewing Neem leaves:

This has antibacterial properties by chewing Neem leaves eliminate bad breath permanently. These are having bitter taste but gives good result for bad breath.


Chewing Cardamom:

Chewing cardamom also helps in removing bad breath from your mouth.


Drinking Green tea:

This has catechin a substance which helps in killing bacteria from your mouth.


Eating Cheese:

As cheese contain Vitamin D and calcium this helps in preserve and build tooth cavity.


Kiwi fruit:

As this fruit is rich in vitamin C lack of vitamin C also causes Bad breath.


By taking Onions:

Onions contain anti bacterial elements as this kill different types of bacteria.



This is called as natural tooth whitener by rubbing them on teeth makes your teeth white.


Sesame seeds:

These are great cleaning agents this build tooth enamel. These are rich in calcium and makes bones strong.

These are some of the foods which will prevent bad breath.



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