Cyber Challenges In New Year


New Year started and most of the people of the world sending their wishes to their friends and relatives around the world. With the increasing number of internet users and dependence on internet, cyber world become the most important part of our life. Though the cyber world has a large list of the advantages for us, still there are threats in our life from it. In the beginning of the New Year we should prepare us for the challenges that will occur due to cyber world. Some of the threats that will great concern are enumerated below.


In this year we are likely to face more targeted attack and it will be a major challenge for the defence establishment and government department to face it. The threats of signed malware will also increases as the most of the malware looks genuine and it is extremely difficult to stop it. There was a time when window attack was well known to every computer user. Since last few years, various operating system come in market and widely used by the mobile user. Therefore non window attack will be a great threat for the users.


The growth of various connected devices gives an additional gateway to hacker to access the personal as well as business information. The compact and small size of these devices increases its users and ultimately increases the threat perception. In most of the organisation users uses their on application on office computer. This will enable hackers to hack the system and IT department to lose the control over their system.


It is to be presumed that ransomware attacks will increases which are used by the criminals to attack the victim computer. This type of attack done in the form of an encrypted file on the target computer which is only unlocked by paying some money to the criminal. Identity theft cases will be continuing in rise.


We have to look after for all these things to get rid of from above mentioned problems. It is only possible with the best anti-virus program and keeping a close watch on our security measure.

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