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All over the world, parents have never been the easiest to make happy. Parents have their own high expectations from their children. No doubt, disagreements are a part and parcel of any parent and child relationship. However how you handle it as a child is essential. Here are a few points that a child should pay attention to effectively handle an argument with their parents and come out as a winner. 

Discuss on rules: There may be all kinds of rules such as how frequently you can go out for party, rules about staying with friends or friends coming home, time spend on watching TV or internet, usage of phone, the time to come home at night, etc — the list can be never-ending.  One of the best methods to shun arguments about rules is to discuss the same with your parents.  

Observe the rules made: When the rules that you and your parents have agreed to follow are framed, stick to them. This is particularly important in case of time limits as your parents will start worrying when you do not come home at the time you promised.  It may also make your parents to have doubts about your responsibility. When your returning home may be late, just inform your parents. 

Exchange a few words: Exchanging a few words is the solution to solving most of the arguments that arise over petty issues. However, communicating with each other does not solve the probelm. Spend some time with your parents informing them about your schedule during the day and gently ask them about their schedule. This way of confiding in your parents can give good results and build up family bonds as well. 

Time with family: Sometimes, you may have a feeling that your parents have time for everything except you. On the other hand, how much time do you devote to your parents? Spending quality time with family will only give you an opportunity to better understand them. This is so particularly when you are not given permission for a late night movie or a picnic or told not to do something. 

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