Calcium Rich Foods For Women


We had known some calcium foods which are good for women. Here there are some more foods which also gives you calcium.


This is also one of the dairy products which are good for women. As a dairy product there is no need to say about calcium quantity in it as it is equal to milk.


These are taken in the form of dried ones. These are rich in iron, calcium and fibre.

Green Leaf Vegetables:

After the milk the second source rich in calcium is green leaf vegetables. Green leaf vegetables contain high calcium content.


This is one of the green leaf which belongs to green leaf family as this is also rich in calcium.


These are having calcium but not that much high but they gives some good amount of calcium to the body. Almonds are rich in vitamin E.

Sesame seeds:

Any one cannot eat sea some seeds but these are rich in calcium. We can make sweets with these or we can add them to the seeds. By taking one tea spoon of sesame seeds will give us on cup of milk calcium.

Brazil nuts:

These are one of the foods which belong to nuts family. These are also rich in calcium by taking 5 nuts will give you 40 mg of calcium.

Dried herbs:

less people know that the dried herbs also have calcium which is good for health. We can take them by adding to our diets.


This is one type of food made with Soya milk. All of you know how Soya milk is good for our health in the form of calcium.


Every one knows that oranges are good in vitamin C but it also gives us Calcium.


Oats are rich in fibre which is good for health but also having good amount of calcium.

White beans:

These are having less amount of calcium but by taking one cup of white beans get some amount of calcium to you.

These are the some of the foods which are rich in calcium which are good to health as well as wealth.

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