Breakfast Is Important For Your Child


Breakfast of your child is important

If your child is not taking interest in his breakfast or not interested in menu you are serving to him that may cause him proper calorie loss. You shall have to add a few more items to make his daily diet right according to his need and taste. You shall have to add green and seasonal vegetables, milk, cheese or chicken according to your child’s taste to keep him healthy as these items contain enough nutrient value as well as increase calories. 

Try these items 

Your child would love his breakfast if you are little imaginative and not repeating the same items every morning,  try some of these to keep them interested and healthy as children need all essential proteins and vitamins in their breakfast; banana meshed with milk makes a perfect combination of health drink for your child. You can make very good banana and egg cake to serve for breakfast along with Poha Idli and boiled eggs served with sauce and vegetables. If your child show resistance to eat vegetables you should prepare vegetable stuffed Paranthas for him, he will love to eat a potato or mixed vegetable stuffed parantha for sure.  

Keep him interested

Most children prefer to go for items with good flavor as some flavors put them off easily. You can prepare some delicious items mixing potatoes and different lentils to keep them interested and healthy. Try mix pulses of yellow pigeon peas (Arhar), black eyed bean (Lobiya) Red lentils (Massor Dal) boiled, ground, mixed with ginger, garlic, onion and other spices make a very good soup. Mix some gram flour to give it a better taste.

Cheese or chicken sandwiches make a good breakfast item along with other potato preparations, cornflakes with milk is another item that a child never refuses. You can go for such experiments in Pizza and pasta to keep your child interested for his breakfast, which is the most important meal for any one for the whole day especially children. Pizza or pasta along with a fruit and a glass of milk is almost a complete ideal diet that will provide proper amount of nutrients to your child. You can try scrambled eggs and butter toast to keep him interested. 

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Suny thinks - Breakfast is most important meal of your diet.

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