Be A Better Boss-simplified!

Many people face a lot of problem when they hold a superior position in the company. These issues include training you employees properly, guiding them and maintaining a transparent management system, something that is not seen in many companies. The bosses even in multimillion dollar enterprises are not willing to let their subordinates have control over what they do and how they do it, the major issue is because they are scared that their employee, a person who is working under them may overtake them and occupy their space, this attitude suffocates the employees and ends up in mismanagement.

The management of any company needs to be transparent, no matter how big or how small a company is, honesty is awesome. A boss needs to be open to new ideas and accept his employees as a part of his learning curve.  Most bosses miss out on the fact ha they have been assigned the job to guide, develop and help the people under him and thus he already has a firmer stance over them. Bosses also tend to get protective about how they want their employees to look at them and their image, a thing that should be ignored.

Here are few tips on being a better boss, hope they help. Remember do not attempt at applying all of them in one day, rather work on putting a single into practice with time and once you master that, move to the next.

  1. Appreciate- it is the biggest motivator and the most important, don’t incentivize, a simple pat on the back or a few good words during the lunch hour shall do good.
  2. Let them innovate- it is important to allow employees to innovate, let them share their ideas with you, let them imagine and be creative!
  3. Let them make mistakes-the most important art of letting your employees innovate is giving them the freedom to make mistakes, let them make mistakes, they will go the extra mile, learn from the mistakes and bounce back stronger.
  4. Do not use a door-it is advisable not to have a door to you office, let there be a transparent feedback mechanics in place.  
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