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The Indian business sector has been facing recession since a long time now and it has been evident of the fact that out of dust has great companies and individuals emerged. This is simply because these companies have been able to make use of the complex social structure to their benefit.


Social media came into existence after the social structure of the world as a whole started becoming segmented and clustered, these segments and clusters could easily be accessible over the internet and that has helped revolutionary businessmen and other entrepreneurs to leverage the power of the internet by directly targeting these clusters.


Society being one of the most important parts of one’s life, there are a number of individuals who use this society and the social structure by targeting these groups using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. these websites allow users to interact with each other and also with the company. This gives the company an opportunity to reach out to potential customers without spending a fortune on marketing and advertising. The major reason why social media marketing has become so very famous with young entrepreneurs and other large businesses is that social media is the only thing that a person visits repeatedly in his life. This means that they get multiple entry points and a number of chances to communicate with their customers.


Social media may include social networking sites, community blogs and every other thing that is a platform where two people interact. Many forms of social media like banner Ads can get a little complicated but the simplest forms of social media are those that work the best and these simple forms include Ads on facebook and even a like page or a group on facebook that is run by a company helps them gain a lot of visibility when it comes to customer acquisition.


One of the things that may interest you is that I started this blog post by mentioning about recession. Recession is one of the most important factors that has shifted the focus from TV Ads, offline banners, bill boards etc. and got all the eye balls to the internet. the internet is cheap, the internet is user friendly and the internet is accessible by all. This is why social media marketing has gained so much popularity with SMEs as they are looking for cost effective means of advertising with a personal touch.

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