Zero Size - Why Did Anushka Put On Her Weight?

Heroine Anushka Shetty who started her career as a Yoga Trainer, is celebrating her success of recent release Movie “Bahubali”. But recently there is a news that this famous actress has put on her weight. The reason behind this is “Zero Size”, sounds very surprising right, but this is the fact about Anushka.

Anushka is working for a movie called “Zero Size” with hero Arya. This movie is built with the concept of weight loss. And Anushka has to increase her weight up 20 kgs to act in this particular movie called “Zero Size”.

A foundation called PVP is producing movie Zero Size in both Telugu and Tamil languages. The movie “Zero Size” is in the final stage of completion. Hero Arya and Heroine Anushka are playing the main roles for this movie under the direction of Mr Prakash Kovelamudi. Nagarjuna will be acting as a guest appearance in this movie.

The Tamil version of this movie zero size is named as “Inji Iduppazhagi” . this movie was started in the year 2014 and going to entertain the audience this year.

Anushka has to put on upto 20 kg of her weight and by using the tips and suggestions of Hero Arya she again came to normal weight. The stunts of Arya done by cycling are going to be the highlights for this movie says the directors and producers. This movie is of different concept and a romantic entertainer. The movie  Zero Size is going to entertain the audience with a new story and with some new shades. The movie Zero Size is at present in stage of post production and arrangements are made to release it very shortly.

Bharath, Urvashi, etc are the other actors in this movie.

M.S Kiravani is the music director for this movie.

Photography is done by Nirvasha and Art by Ananda Sai.

This story was written by Karini Thillan Kovelamudi and the screenplay is also done by Karini Thillan Kovelamudi.

Mr Sandeep Gunnam is the Executive Producer.

Mr Prasan V.Potturli is the producer.

Mr Prakash Kollemudi is the director for this movie.

The screenplay is done by Mr Kanika Dhilon.

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Zero Size -- Why did Anushka put on her weight?


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