The Successes And Failures Of The Actor Vijay


Vijay was born with silver spoon as he is the son of the famous director cum producer, Chandrasekhar who reigned over the Tamil film industry. Vijay entered the film industry through his film Naalaya Theerpu and though this first film was a failure he soon rose to the status of a hero through his subsequent films that he is called as Ilaya Thalapathi by his fans which means The Young General. However he had to travel a long distance to attain this fame and name.


His movies are considered to be the best entertainers in the Tamil film industry. However, after a particular time period, he could not get welcome from the people. The main reason for this was that he failed to understand what they actually expected from him. The same type of movies with the same romantic comedies in fact made his films boring. When people expected to see a change, he did not offer that which led to his failures.


After a series of successful movies like Kushi, Gilli, Sivakasi and Badri, he gave many flops like Kuruvi, Villu and Sura. This second expensive hero charges nine crore rupees for one film and through the flops from 2009 through 2011, he is considered as an expensive flop hero. His film in 2012, Nanban the remake of the Hindi film 3 Idiots gave him a boost.


He is praised at par with the South Indian Super Star Rajinikanth. He himself once said that no one can take the place of Rajinikanth in the Tamil movie market. He is blessed with countless crazy fans. One of them committed suicide for the silly reason of not being able to get ticket for the first show of Vijay’s film. Vijay condemns such attitude in him.


Vijay also contributes to the charity works. Once he came to knew about a girl with high marks not able to raise money to continue her education. He sponsored her studies and from that day onwards he is helping poor students who are not able to pay their school or college fees. He offers books and notebooks to the poor students on his birthdays.


Ajith is another important actor who is called as Ultimate Star. Ajith and Vijay are considered to be rivals. The heated up dialogues about each other were found in both of their films. However in reality they both were good friends. But the fans of Ajith and Vijay attach each other and this sometimes gets serious and this also led to the downfall of Vijay. While the fanatics attach each other, they were seen hand in hand in the movie launch function of the film Tirupathi. They had been good friends as always.


Vijay is also an accomplished sportsman and he shows interest in various sports activities such as basket ball, football, volley ball and cricket. One could see smiling face of Vijay in all the banners and posters and there is the sweat of dedication behind that pleasing smile.


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