Youth's Reluctancy To Join Politics


Today’s youth are tomorrow’s citizens. But why can’t we say that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leading politicians? If we can lead the world by being good citizens then we can lead the country by being good politicians. In the present scenario every child on the street aspires to be a good doctor or an engineer. Where can we see children dreaming about joining politics?


Parents too play a part in influencing their children’s ambitions by inspiring them to take an interest in either medical or engineering as a profession. Though it is a rare thing among the youth several do want to get into politics. But alarmingly this is not because they want to make India a better country and surely not to make life better for other people. In fact the only reason they would even want to get into politics is because of Power and Money- the two guiding factors which are the reasons behind most of the present crop of politicians having their jobs. People’s greed for power and money has driven them to the dark path of corruption.


Most of today’s politicians have little concern for the citizens who voted for them in the elections and rely on them. Any young and inexperienced players on the field who may actually do some work for the people, thus destabilizing their chair in the public office, are seen as threats by the older politicians. Nobody can blame a person for not showing any interest in politics. After all it is the person’s choice what career path he takes. Add to that all the corruption, murky deals and scandals that erupt in the Indian political scenes are enough to turn a person off from the very idea of joining politics. And most youngsters think one person cannot make any difference in a sea full corrupt people.


According to a survey only an average of 54% of the citizens actually takes the effort to turn up for voting.  In this developing country we need young minds with better ideas to turn up and grab the political collar and make some progress. As for support they have India behind 

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