An Argument Against Communism


This is primarily taken from my writings in a recent debate in one of the facebook groups. This was written in response to my communist friends who want to change the world a communist society. Even after communism failed repeatedly in different parts of the world there are still some supporters that say it will work. I am of the opinion that it is a bad economic model, does not take into account the aspirations and innate qualities of people and will eventually fail. If you want to get new supporters you need to explain why that is a better model and why it will work in the next attempt in another country. This is what I wrote.


If you are selling homes in a new development people would like to see some model homes that you have already built before they buy. That is a genuine business model. You should be able to show a good model home to the new customer.

You can not tell them, “we wanted to build a model home, but you know what, when we tried to build it the very first time (in Russia) the concrete did not dry well before the people moved in. So the house collapsed and we only lost few million people.

Another time when we tried (in North Korea), the carpenter was not trained well that is why the house was not built right and we can not show that home as a model. But don’t worry we have asked his grand son (Kim Jong-un) to try once again and we hope we will have a better house this time and you can see that.


We did not give up and when we tried another model house (Cuba) the mason (Fidel Castro) got too old before he completed the building and we have asked his brother (Raul Castro) to take the job and finish at the earliest. If you can live long enough we will be able to show you that model home. We can guarantee that even if this mason becomes too old one of his relatives will take over the job.

Oh, I forgot to mention this. We also tried one more time (China) but the builder built a shopping complex (capitalism) instead of a house. Sorry, we can not show this as a model home though we would like to.


However, don’t worry; we still have the design for a model home that was given to us more than 100 years ago by good architects (Marx and Engels). Please buy a home from us and trust us we will build a good home."

Who will buy a home from this seller? However it is easy to provide examples of good democracies that follow capitalism and has given quality life to its citizens. Inherently communism is flawed as an economic model so whoever tries it is bound to fail.

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I'm of the opinion that any country with democratic political system and capitalist economic model with limited socialism built in for the poor will be more successful than a communist society

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