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We come across many educated people who are 18 years old and their names appear in the voter’s list and yet do not vote during elections. Negligence, lack of awareness, passivity and pessimism could be some of the reasons to abstain from voting. Some in India make use of this to go for outings or just stay at home and watch television which is a really bad and irresponsible thing to do.


In a vast country like India there are millions of people and most of them are educated people who are inactive and passive and do not use their franchise right. This inactivity and passive attitude of the educated are the main reasons for poor governance. Election is an opportunity for us to elect our leaders for a good government. The meaning of democracy is “for the people, by the people and of the people”. India is a democratic country and inactive people cannot make a democracy.


People are not that aware about the importance of election and vote in India even though our country has the second highest population after china. Unless there is self-awareness, it is not possible for the government or any other organizations to help or locate all the voters and bring them to polling booths.


Whenever there is an election there are banners and buntings. The politicians move around everywhere trying to garner votes but just doing that is not enough. They ought to influence and inspire the people. Unless people are forced to vote many people do not show up. Now what really happens if you don’t vote? There is always that risk that the wrong person might get selected to lead you and would that be good? Not at all. Because then you are leaving your life in the hands of someone you don’t even know and who knows policies are going to help you or be a problem for you. In order to avoid this we, as people of India need to exercise our right to vote and make sure the right person is selected for the job. Otherwise India will continue to be a developing country and never actually develop.

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