Women Display Their Protest In A Big Way


The biggest movement ever

Billions of women around the globe raised their voices against the crimes like violence, rapes, sexual abuse and what not taking place everywhere in every country against them. The selected the day of love to display their feelings and protest against it.

I as an Indian am proud to say that our country participated in the event with most number of participants. If you ask me the exact number it would be hard to calculate but a rough estimate says around 100 million. It took the world like tsunami, which took women on a common stage from every part of the globe.

Even the women participated are amused to see the result as most of them had never seen such a movement related to any thing ever before. That was too big a number and the movement was to bring love without a slightest hint of bad wording or violence anywhere in 193 countries of the world.

Most women participating in the movement thought that violence against women has taken such an ugly shape that it is visible in every group, class, workplaces, roads, transports or even at their own homes. It is a sorry state of affairs indeed, which need immediate attention of every one including governments, NGOs, and their male counterparts. 

India lead the event

The event held in every country of the world right from Somalia, Mogadishu, Bangladesh, Britain, America, China, Pakistan to name a few on the occasion of Valentine’s day where participants performed dance and music the ways of their protests. A unique way indeed for protesting against violence that reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi, who thought that the best way to fight against violence effectively, is love and non-violence.

Women were dancing and singing

That is how they were registering their protest just by dancing and singing moving ahead, creating space for themselves without demanding through a word or shouting slogans against any one yet showing their concern against violence against themselves. Perhaps this noble way of displaying their disagreement to the misconducts taking place against them would make the offenders feel ashamed and people would consider them as equal human beings. 

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