What's Connecting Madhumathi, Karz, Kudrat And Om Shanti Om?


Madhumathi, Karz and Om Shanti Om – Three big blockbuster hits of Bollywood all time! Let me add one more movie to the list – Khudrat with amazing romantic song composed by RD – Hamein tumse pyar kitni. These four movies are connected with each other in one way or another. Do you have any idea? First answer that flashes through one’s mind is ‘Story of rebirths’. Of course, a big yes from my side. You may also say that the film title was coined from the hit song of Rishi Kapoor starrer ‘Farz’ – Om Shanti Om. When people search for new topics and interesting hi-tech stories at present, Om Shanti Om is one particular movie that cements the fact that box office runs on old hit formulae too. If anyone closely observes the story plot of Om Shanti Om, one can definitely say that this movie has a striking similarity with two blockbusters of yesterdays – Madhumathi and Kudrat, particularly with the first one. In my opinion, new generation has not yet seen the old black and white classic ‘Madhumathi’ and it showed well in the collection records of Madhumathi of modern cinema – Om Shanti Om. In true sense, Om Shanti Om is a mixture and filter of these three movies and packed with a new colourful carry bag.


For the new generation who has not watched Madhumati or Kudrat, a few essences in brief – Story of incarnation and revenge. In both the movies, the union of lovers doesn’t happen and villain (Pran and Raj Kumar respectively) kills the heroine (Vaijayanthimala in Madhumati and Hema Malini in Kudrat) after attempt to rap and buries her body. In Madhumati, Dileep Kumar desperately searches his love and goes mad till he finds a girl who has striking similarity with Vaijayanthimala. She assures her help to take revenge of Pran. In Khudrat, Raj Kumar kills the hero Rajesh Khanna too and later the loving couples take rebirth and takes revenge. Only exception in the original – Madhumati is that rebirth takes place after the revenge when Dileep also suicides from the building. Years back when I watched Kudrat, I felt that many scenes are exactly the soft copy of Madhumati. It appeared as if Kudrat is a remake of Madhumati with small changes; even the death scene of the heroine looks similar, when she falls from the building.  


What’s common between Om Shanthi Om and Madhumati?


Om Shanthi Om differs from other movies in a single fact that heroine Deepika Padukone is in love with the villain Arjun Rampal and he betrays her. What remain common with the rest is that heroine’s body is buried to hide the murder and the dead skeleton retrieved after years. But the second half of Om Shanti Om is just a copy of Madhumati that can be called ‘true inspiration from the past’. Let me list a few.

  1. Shanthi/Sandy (Deepika) plays double role similar to Madhumati and she is an actress too.
  2. Sandhya shortly known as Sandy, promises Shah Rukh Khan to act as Shanti to mentally torture Arjun Rampal and take revenge. Isn’t it the same storyline of Madhumati?
  3. And in the climax, both Sandy and Radha couldn’t reach and the ghost takes the revenge and disappears from the scene.

Though Om Shanti Om has many scenes taken from other incarnation movies like Khudrat and Karz, I feel that it’s a direct inspiration from the classic of all – Madhumati. So I feel the director Farah Khan could have given the credit of the original story to Ritwik Ghatak – the writer of Madhumati instead of keeping the story credit to herself!

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Yes, Om Shanti Om doesn't reserve true credits of a fresh story

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