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Ek Tha what??   The movie had some spectacular action scenes and what acting performances!! Wow!! I was wondering whether it was Salman or Leonardo di Caprio. The resemblance was uncanny. The movie had traces of the Jason Bourne series and James bond in terms of dialogue and the amazing direction. The story was mind-blowing and edge of the seat with loads of twists and stomach churning suspense.


Of course the above paragraph reeks of sarcasm and even if one sentence could have been close to the truth I would have been satisfied but nope. It is a very sadistic movie as it revels in torturing you for every single boring minute.


Well, let’s get to the specifics. It actually begins with a bang, well, sort of and then tries its level best to fizzle out in the most mundane ways. Salman khan plays the role of a RAW agent whose mission is to find out what a certain scientist is up to the reason for which is not really clear. Why would an intelligence agent with not much intelligence by the way meet someone just to find out what he is doing when there are things like surveillance technology and phone taps? Predictably enough he meets the heroine Katrina Kaif there who had been masquerading as the scientist’s maid. Predictably enough the hero falls in love with her and to top that the maid turns out to be a Pakistani agent working for the ISI. Bet the ISI didn’t teach her how to speak Hindi but that doesn’t really matter, right?


What happens after that doesn’t make an iota of sense. Looking at the trailers you might get the feeling that this movie is about patriotism but then it just insults what little patriotism it could have had. The story after that is simple. Hero escapes with the heroine after the “falling in love” part and the rest of the movie is about both RAW and ISI chasing after them and instigating loads of action scenes which always seem to destroy public places built with the tax payer’s money. I heard someone scream in the theatre or was I just imagining things? I’m not sure. Though I must say the Salman-Katrina pairing seems to have some chemistry  but  all the important things in a movie like character development, screenplay,motive and conflicts have been sacrificed to accommodate some wannabe action scenes which only make u laugh unintentionally but then again that is the only time you can have some misguided fun so who’s complaining?


Technically it fails on all accounts. The background score is ordinary and that is saying too much. The acting by Salman khan is not bad though he looks like hulk on a hunger strike and Katrina. The full stop after her name might serve a better explanation of her acting than words. There are a million continuity errors and the movie is filled to the brim with clichés and stereotypes. Somebody needs to tell the director that all the Pakistani agents do not have beards and the inclusion of a “shooting stars and praying” scene just shows how outdated it is. And the twists are so predictable you might even stop calling them twists.


All in all Ek Tha tiger is slightly better than Salman khan’s recent movies like Ready and bodyguard and I am being generous here. If you are looking for some brainless masala entertainment with bad songs then this is just the right movie for you. But it’s a great movie for all the Salman khan fans out there. I give it two stars out of 5 just for the sake of it.

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