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What is it with India’s fascination with songs and dances in movies? Ever since movies were first made in India songs have been an integral part. I agree that songs are good. In fact there is nothing wrong with making songs but why interrupt a movie in between by adding songs. That too when almost each and every song has somewhat the same content where the hero and the heroine run around trees and hysterically scream how much they love each other and how they love each other. Or if the hero is depressed he laments his fate like a crying elephant on steroids.


You watch a movie and you get sucked into the story and you are very interested in the fate of the movie’s protagonists and everything is going so good until you see a man and a woman cavorting and just being plain weird. Don’t you think it spoils the whole experience? Of course there are millions of people out there who love songs and who look forward to songs in movies. It is not because they like it but it is only because they have grown up watching it. In fact they get irritated if there are no songs in movies. When Bollywood first starting making movies some creative genius must have come with the idea to introduce these elements and viola everybody loved it and guess why? Because that’s the only things they saw. How can you like something else when you don’t get to see something else?


My view is that songs should be there but not in the movies. They can make songs and release them as separate albums. If that was done we wouldn’t have to be jarred by constant interruptions while watching our favorite movie. Take a leaf out of Hollywood’s books India. Of course this is very debatable and is not really a good thing to say but I am pretty sure most Indian movies will begin to make sense if someone manages to somehow remove all sorts of songs and dance from them. Sounds like a huge task but it’s got to be done, right?

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